New Services
Young Fathers Group

If you are a new dad under the age of 23 who would like to connect with other fathers in their journey, please join our Young Fathers Group. This group will give you the support, confidence, and resources you need to thrive.

Contact us for more information.

Texas Community Partner Program
We provide assistance to apply for benefits, including SNAP, CHIP, HTW, WIC, TANF, and other programs!

We understand the financial challenges that come with an unplanned pregnancy

We can assist you with completing your application to receive benefits through SNAP, CHIP, HTW, WIC, and TANF. Make an appointment with one of our navigators today!

Workforce Solutions


Our partnership with Workforce Solutions BorderPlex can assist you with:


  • Child Care Services 

  • Resume Building

  • Career Counseling

  • Technical & Soft Skills Development

  • Transportation 

If you are an unemployment claimant, you can receive free online career skill courses with unlimited access to more than 5,000 soft skill courses and certifications valued by Fortune 500 companies through the Metrix online learning platform. Classes are 30 to 60 minutes a day in English and in Spanish. Courses include:

  • Customer Service  

  • Microsoft Office; Adobe

  • Quick Books Analytical Skills

  • Data Management/Reporting Time Management

  • Leadership Skills  Health & Safety

  • First Aid

English as a Second Language Classes

All skill levels are welcome! This class meets every week. Please call Deb Gray (913) 481-7211 for dates and times.

Mother's Day Out
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A Program for Mothers by Mothers

We all need time to ourselves sometimes.  This program was started to give our moms a little quiet time.  This program is a pay it forward kind of program.  All participants receive babysitting services free of charge every Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00.  But we pay it forward by volunteering one Wednesday of the month to babysit one another's children. 

To register for babysitting services, please call Deb Gray at (913) 418-7211.

Emergency Babysitting

If you are feeling overwhelmed and feel you need help, please call us. You are not alone. We can provide emergency babysitting services.

For more information, call Deb Gray at (913) 418-7211.