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Special Guest

Angel Diaz, Comedian

Performing comedy and breathing are two things that come naturally for Angel Diaz.  Ever since he was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he knew he loved to breathe.  Many years later, he would realize making people laugh was also pretty cool.

In just a few years, Angel Diaz has vaulted up the clean comedy scene with his odd, profound humor of everyday life.  Having been described as "weird but relatable” and “slow-moving with energy," Angel is constantly fusing opposing elements to create what many simply call, "weird.”


Along with his respiratory system, his standup has been seen regularly in California comedy clubs, the South West area’s most prominent comedy venues. Currently, Angel Diaz has performed at several Churches and nonprofit organizations across the country. He also played the part of a surly umpire in the Indy movie; The Mendoza Line.

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